5 Facts About Chandler, Arizona You Should Know

5 facts about Chandler, Arizona you should know

Have you thought about moving to the Valley of the Sun? Is Phoenix at the top of your list of places you might consider relocating to, but you aren’t quite sure what city best fits your criteria? Or maybe you are a local and looking to make roots in a new city. believe whatever your situation may be that has you contemplating a move into or within Phoenix that you should definitely consider Chandler as your next spot to call home. Chandler is a true gem and there is more to Chandler than you might know about. Today I’m going to share with you 5 fun facts about Chandler that you may or may not know about.

If we haven’t met before my name is Stacie Muller and I am seasoned real estate professional with over 15 years experience and I throughly enjoy not only helping buyers and navigate the the local real estate market, but I love educating them throughout the process.

So let’s hop into the 5 things that make Chandler so special.

5) Festivals and Events

You don’t have to leave Chandler to have fun.  Spring in Chandler is full of so many fun local events. Have you ever seen a man ride a bird?  Well this is what you can expect to find  at the annual Ostrich Festival every spring.  Not only do you get to watch a man ride a bird, but you can take a ride on a camel,  spin out in a giant hamster ball, or catch some amazing concerts in the park.  Or maybe you enjoy live country music? Well strap on your cowboy boots, grab your cowboy hat and hit the annal 102.5 BBQ & Beer Festival which features the hottest country music, BBQ and craft beer.   One event that you can’t miss is the annual holiday lighting of the Tumbleweed Tree in downtown Chandler. This festival includes the beautiful Parade of Lights, traveling performers and Santa’s House.

Chandler Osterich Festival

4) Want Culture? Chandlers got your covered

Not only does Chandler have art displayed all over the city, downtown Chandler is the location for Chandler Center for the Arts.  This facility boasts the Vision Arts Gallery, but also is home to a 1500 seat performing arts theater which host ballets, musical performances, concerts and so much more.

Top Chandler Employers

3) Employment

Chandler is home to several large campuses for top employers in the Valley.  Key industries with campuses located in Chandler include Autonomous Vehicle R&D, Aviation and Aerospace, Business and Financial Services, Healthcare & Bioscience, High-tech manufacturing and development, and Information and Technology Software.  A few names you might recognize from these categories are Intel, Northrup Grumman, Microchip, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Toyota Financial Services, Pay Pal, Banner Health, CVS, Walgreens, Insight Enterprises, Garmin and many more.

Downtown Chandler, AZ

2) Entertainment

Downtown Chandler is located on a historic square that is lined with palm trees, colorfully painted wall murals, Dr. A.J. Chandler park and several small family businesses.  Downtown Chandler is home to two dozen restaurants and bars which will accommodate any palette.  Whether you are a foodie or a cultural enthusiast Downtown Chandler has you covered.  There is something for all ages to enjoy.


1) Location, Location Location

You know the saying in real estate location, location, location.  Chandler is located in a very assessable and central part of the Phoenix Metro Area.  No matter where you live in Chandler you are a hop, skip and a jump to any major highway running through Phoenix.  Chandler is also a very easy commute into downtown Phoenix due to the fact that you can easily hop on a major freeway quickly and easily.  Not only is it an easy commute into downtown for work Chandler is within 20-25 mins to two major airports (Sky Harbor and Mesa Gateway) which makes travel a breeze.

South Chandler, AZ


Now that you know my 5 fun facts about living in Chandler.  You may also be interested in learning about what makes South Chandler the area you might want to call home.  In my next blog post I will take a deeper dive into the the Town of Gilbert and why that might be a great place for you to call home.

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