Phoenix What's Not To Love

Living In Phoenix – What’s Not To Love

Living In Phoenix....What's Not To Love? the unparalleled charm of living in Phoenix, where the weather boasts around 300 days of sunshine annually, freeing residents from the task of shoveling snow and allowing for year-round outdoor activities. The city's strategic location offers proximity to diverse destinations, from the majestic red rocks of...

What's The Difference East Vs West

Phoenix, AZ – East Valley vs. West Valley What’s The Difference

So what's the difference between the east valley and west valley of Phoenix?, let's talk about the history of the Greater Phoenix metro area, where the dialogue around East Valley versus West Valley has deep rooted history. As we explore this, you'll gain insights into how these two regions have shaped and contributed to  Greater Phoenix. The conversation about the East...

Unveiling Chandler, AZ Hidden Challenges

Unveiling Chandler, AZ Hidden Challenges: Prepare To Be Suprised!

Discover the flip side of Chandler's charm: Unveiling 5 compelling reasons why living in Chandler may not be for you. is a thriving suburb of Phoenix with many amenities and attractions. However, like any place, there are also some aspects of living in Chandler that may not be desirable for everyone. Having lived in Chandler for over 2 decades here are five things you...

5 Reasons why North Chandler is where you should call home

5 Reasons Why North Chandler Is Where You Should Call Home

Are you considering a move to Phoenix?  Are you looking to relocate or move to the Southeast Valley?  If so then I think you need to definitely consider Chandler as a possibility as a place to call home. In today’s blog I am going to focus on the area of North Chandler.  North Chandler is located north of the Loop 202 San Tan Freeway east of I-10, stair steps  west of Gilbert Rd, to...

5 reasons why South Chandler is where you should call home

5 Reasons Why South Chandler Is Where You Should Call Home

Has Chandler, Arizona popped up on your radar as a potential city to call home, but you aren’t quite sure which part of Chandler would best suit your housing needs? South Chandler is located south of the Loop 202 San Tan Freeway east of Price Rd, west of Gilbert Rd, Lindsey Rd or Val Vista Rd depending on where you are in Chandler and north of Hunt Hwy. So let’s dive into 5 reasons why South Chandler...

Top 3 Reasons why now may still be a good time to upsize even in a sellers market

3 Reasons Why Now May Still Be A Good Time To Upsize in Phoenix

Have you been pondering the idea of moving into a bigger home, but you keep hearing horror stories about how hard it is to buy a home in today’s marketplace. The real estate market has proven to be a wild ride for buyers and sellers alike – from the cutthroat bidding wars to the all-time-low interest rates. A lot of would-be buyers are understandably still nervous to buy and are considering waiting for...

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