Key Steps To Selling A Home In Phoenix | Part 1

Key Steps to Selling Your Home Part 1
Are you considering selling your home, but you aren’t exactly sure how the process works? Does the thought of selling your home feel intimidating or overwhelming? In this 3 part series I’m going to share with you the key steps to selling your home from start to finish to help alleviate the feelings of being overwhelmed and the intimidation factors that come when you decide you want to move.
Let’s dive in to the first 3 key steps you want to take when selling your home.

Step 1: Identify Your Motivation For Selling

Spend some time exploring your reasons for wanting to sell. Have you outgrown your home, have the kids moved out and the house is now too big? Do you want a more updated home and would rather buy than remodel? Sit down and make a list of the reasons you want to sell. Also prior to selling you need to address your finances. First step is to call your current loan servicer and check what your remaining mortgage balance is. Knowing this will help you budget for improvements you may need to make to sell your home and will let you know exactly how much equity you may have in your home.

Step 2: Find A Realtor

Finding a Realtor may seem like an easy process. I mean you’ve got to know a handful of people who have their license right? But does having their license mean they are qualified for the job? One of the key things I pride myself on when meeting with a seller is listening to WHY they want to sell. This is why step 1 in the process is so important. Knowing WHY you want to sell helps the Realtor understand your motivation for selling Sometimes selling for the most money is the driving factor, but not always. There are other factors that are important to a seller such as convenience, timing and terms. So make sure to clearly define your WHY and make sure your Realtor understand WHY you want to sell.

Step 3: Preparing Your Home

Now that you’ve found the right Realtor for the job the next step is preparing your home to sell. One of the most important things you can do in this step is listen to the advice of your Realtor. You’ve hired a professional for a reason it’s now time to listen to their advice on what you need to do to prepare your home to sell. As a Realtor our job is to advise you on the best steps to to help you sell your home. Was your WHY for selling to get top dollar? Well then your Realtor may advise you to do some home improvements items that maybe you’ve been neglecting. If your motivation is convenience ,timing and terms then there will be other strategies your Realtor will discuss with you like pricing.
Remember selling your home is marathon not a race. There is a method to the madness and each step needs to be followed in order for a Realtor to give you the best advice and service possible. If you found these tips helpful then you may also be interested in my next video where I will continue to discuss the key steps to selling your home. In this video I will be discussing pricing strategies, staging of your home and marketing it effectively. If you have any other questions regarding the buying and selling process in the Greater Phoenix Marketplace please reach out. I’m a seasoned agent with 15+ years experience here to help you with one of the biggest financial decisions you will make.

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