Short Form Video Is Where It’s At

Home Sweet Home

Love it or hate it short form video is the RAGE…

Why because its edu-tainment.  People have shorter and shorter attention spans so if you can hook them in a minute or less you are golden.

Best way to do that is through short form video.  There is a reason why all the social platforms have implemented it……because it WORKS!

So what is short form video – Reels, Tik Tok, & YouTube Shorts
See my example above of the short I did for real estate.

How do you create a reel?

  1. Find the audio your like
  2. Repurpose it for your audience
  3. Post and become social

It’s super easy…..way easier than knocking on strangers doors.  In my opinion anyways.

Below is the caption to my YouTube short above:

Yes when you first meet with your lender you may feel like its an interrogation session if I’m being honest.

You have to fill out an application, provide documentation, proof of income, etc and probably have to rep-provide this more than once.

By providing this information the lender is able to do the following:

  1. Proof that you are who you say you are
  2. Ensure you have the job you say you have and make the money you stated – FYI just because you make good money doesn’t always mean you can qualify for a home.
  3. Review your debt to income ratios: (What you owe on all your debts ie. Credit cards, mortgages, students loans, etc. VS what you bring in every month in income)
  4. Pull your credit – big factor on what rate you qualify for
  5. How much you can afford.
  6. How much money you will need to bring to closing in order to buy a house

Talking to a lender is always the first step when considering buying a home.

DM for any other real estate related questions you might have.

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